U.S. fire departments respond to 168,000 vehicle fires per year.1 Imagine being a passenger in an autonomous vehicle that catches on fire. You aren’t the driver. In fact, there isn’t a driver, and you don’t have any way to stop the vehicle.

You frantically fumble to find your phone, unlock it, and open the app. You wonder how to stop the car and finally decide to try updating the drop-off location to somewhere nearby as you hope the vehicle will stop in time.


The solution is for the system to enter an emergency stopping mode in response to detecting a fire.

Intellectual Property

U.S. Patent 10,282,625

U.S. Patent Application 62/821,524

Additional patents pending


Drivent would like to integrate these helpful features into your autonomous vehicle systems.

vehicle fires in the
U.S. each year1

We would love to integrate these solutions into your autonomous vehicle systems.

What happens when an autonomous vehicle (without a person inside) is pulled over by a police officer or otherwise requires intervention from a human vehicle representative?