Drivent LLC is a self-driving technology company overcoming the non-collision barriers to the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles.


  • Drivent exited stealth mode on May 8, 2019.
  • While others focused on collision-avoidance technology, Drivent developed technology to overcome non-collision barriers.
  • The breakthrough nature of Drivent’s technology is showcased by over 25 patent applications.

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Based on an interview with Drivent co-founders Eric Wengreen and Wes Schwie

What did you do before founding Drivent?

Eric – “Drivent isn’t our first company. We have a long history inventing and bringing products to market. We founded Innovelis, which invented the TotalMount line of products. Our TotalMount products are sold in Apple Stores around the world. Before that, we were medical-device engineers.”

What led you from making products for Apple Stores to founding Drivent?

Wes – “Our journey brought us to an important realization: We should work to make the world a better place. While searching for an opportunity to make a difference, we learned that more than 37,000 people are killed by car accidents each year in just the United States. We also learned that around 94 percent of car accidents are caused by human errors that could be eliminated by self-driving vehicles. The opportunity to save lives by promoting the adoption of self-driving vehicles was exhilarating.”

Were there any important pivots along your journey?

Eric – “We quickly realized that many companies were already working on the systems needed to enable self-driving vehicles to avoid collisions. We didn’t want our work to be redundant. Our mission came into focus with one realization: There were many non-collision barriers to the adoption of self-driving vehicles that were still unsolved. We dedicated ourselves to overcoming these non-collision barriers.”

How do you feel about all the competition in the industry?

Eric – “We are incredibly grateful to all the brilliant people who developed the systems needed to avoid collisions. Their breakthroughs enabled us to focus on overcoming the last mile of autonomous vehicle adoption. We see other companies as potential collaborators, not competitors. Our technology is a great addition to their technology.”

Wes – “The ultimate winners in the autonomous vehicle market will be the companies that provide the best autonomous vehicle user experience, and our technologies will enable our partners to provide the provide the best autonomous vehicle user experience.”

Wes – “Many of Drivent’s solutions will have the greatest impact not as stand-alone systems, but rather as elements integrated into the products and services of much larger players in the autonomous vehicle market. Drivent exited stealth mode to collaborate with industry leaders.”

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Technology Overview

Vehicle Fire Protection – Vehicle fires are far more common than most people realize. In fact, U.S. fire departments respond to approximately 168,000 vehicle fires per year.1 Previous self-driving vehicles were unable to appropriately respond to vehicle fires. Drivent has developed technologies that detect a fire in a self-driving vehicle and then cause the self-driving vehicle to automatically pull over to allow riders to exit the vehicle.
Smoking Deterrence – 85% of non-smokers insist on smoke-free vehicles.2 Non-smokers will choose to receive rides from companies that provide vehicles that do not smell like smoke. Drivent has developed several technologies that deter, minimize, and respond to smoking in self-driving vehicles.

Human Help – Even for self-driving vehicles, having a human manager to communicate with other people such as police officers and tow-truck operators is sometimes necessary. Employing a human manager in each vehicle, however, is too inefficient. Drivent’s proprietary technologies enable a vehicle representative, located at a call center, to talk with police officers, tow-truck operators, road-rage instigators, and other people when necessary.

Addressing Phone Issues – Many people don’t realize that their phone will be their lifeline to their autonomous vehicle. A lost phone or dead battery could leave people stranded without a way to ask an autonomous vehicle for a ride home. Drivent has developed a suite of technologies to prevent phone issues from becoming transportation issues.

Pick-Up Optimization – People will choose to receive rides from autonomous vehicle companies that provide the most convenient transportation. Drivent has developed several technologies that accurately predict when and where a person will want a ride to minimize or even eliminate the time you have to wait for a vehicle to pick you up.

Drivent will announce additional technologies in the near future.


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