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We are designers

shaping the autonomous vehicle

user experience.

Many brilliant people are working to enable autonomous vehicles to drive while avoiding collisions. We have great respect and appreciation for their groundbreaking work to create the software, sensors, and systems necessary to ensure autonomous vehicles do not get in collisions. Our user experience work builds on their foundational work.

Mass adoption of self-driving vehicles is our passion. You can learn more about our mission on YouTube (with over 100,000 views).

Using design methodology to understand user experiences, we identified pain points that will hinder the adoption of autonomous vehicles. We have focused our work on overcoming these pain points.

We realize our solutions will have the greatest impact not as stand-alone systems, but rather as pieces integrated into the products and services of larger players in the autonomous vehicle market. As a result, we seek to collaborate with the industry leaders.

Several remarkable companies are in the process of rolling out autonomous vehicles (that successfully avoid collisions) to the general public. Avoiding collisions is clearly essential, yet addressing the additional adoption barriers is necessary to enable mass adoption of self-driving vehicles.

We believe the ultimate winners in the autonomous vehicle market will be the companies that provide the best autonomous vehicle user experience.1

Our solutions will help your company offer the best autonomous vehicle user experience.

Paving the Way for Mass Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles

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